Hidden in Plain Sight

Paintings by Kit Warren

Saturday May 3 – Sunday June 1

Opening reception:

Saturday May 3 from 7–9pm

In Kit Warren’s paintings, repeated marks create patterns that shift between literal communication and an abstracted visual library. Landscapes, wrought iron fences, biological illustration, signage, architectural detail, Chinese characters, electron microscopy, the New York Times: all these and more find their way into the cryptography of Warren’s work. Discrete, seemingly random elements accumulate and cohere, losing singularity as they are absorbed into a larger whole. In the process of painting, individual marks are erased or obscured. A sense of mystery imbues the shimmering, heavily pigmented copper and gold paint that Warren inscribes on an inky blue-black field, as though a secret message, densely encoded in words and pictures, is being urgently transmitted as it flows out onto the paper.

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Image right: Untitled, grid, 2014, acrylic on panel, 35 x 35 inches

photos: Zachary Maxwell Stertz