Nick DeFriez


I like to make things. Paintings, sculptures, woodworking projects in my shop, boats, I built my own house, etc. Many of my paintings are concerned with time and how by looking at the same thing over and over again, I continue to see more and more. It is an old idea that appeals to me. I have been studying the same view for 25 years. I lived upstairs in the Brooklyn Box building for 8 years in the 1980s as well as sharing a studio in the building for a year in 2010, and have made some paintings that are specific to that place.

The show “On the Road with Nick and Fritz” draws on some collaborative ideas that I have been working on with Friedrich Gross. We each do daily drawings in which the motifs and characters evolve over time. We are exhibiting these drawings, as well as paintings, that reveal the progression of this work.  
To view more of Friedrich Gross’s work you can go to his Website
or visit “A year with Mr Miller” at
-Nick DeFriez