Robert Gould


My concern as a painter is how to seriously engage visually, topics of human history, spiritual qualities of place, and nature’s immortal beauty & design. Currently my subject matter is connected to the landscape of war & battlefields. I am attempting to question our contemporary relationship to places of human conflict. I do this using whatever mediums I can think of. I am a great fan of natural possesses, chemical reactions, & chaos. I find that the natural nuances and elements of chance that I create are one of the most important elements of my work. To that end I work with traditional natural paints, pigments, dies and combine them with earth, glass, metal, paper, wood, plant matter. For subject matter I research historical terrain using Goggle Earth software & old period drawn maps. Sometimes creating work superimposing the two together. Using this collage of media I hope to enhance the pictorial processes & add greater meaning to my visual concepts of history, time and space. — Robert Gould