Say Something

Textile works, ceramics and drawings by Robyn Love

March 7 – 31

Opening reception:
Friday March 7 from 6–8pm

Say Something presents textile works, ceramics and drawings in which text is a primary feature.

The series of crocheted works began as a play on the idea of an antimacassar (a crocheted lace piece that was placed on the back of a chair or sofa to protect it from a kind of men’s hair cream called macassar popular in the 19th Century). Making them alternately too large or too small to be useful on furniture, the pieces used the decorative crochet lace patterning as a structure for pithy messages, like “Do nothing”.

Sometimes drawing from Vedic or Buddhist sources, the messages are not exactly questions or imperatives but they are definitely demanding something.  Over the past several years, the text-based pieces have expanded from crochet to include other materials such as porcelain and stoneware and found their way into drawings.

The work is playful and colorful, offering us a sly wink lest we are tempted to get too taken up with what is written.

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