To Stand in the Center and See All Around

A multi-media installation by Robyn Love

March 6 – March 29th 2015

Opening Reception: Friday March 6th 6 – 8 PM

To Stand in the Center and See All Around is a multi-media installation that includes handspun, handknit wool, fabric, mirrors, sound and inflatable plastic bladders.  The installation took its initial inspiration from an exhibition of drawings by Richard Serra presented by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2011.  Four years later, I began to make my response.

The piece morphed in my head and under my hands.  I began the process without expectations, spinning black Shetland wool over many hours, days and weeks.  I also knit.  I knit everywhere.  As the piece got bigger, it also gathered a kind of energy.  It developed a presence that came from everything that was poured into it – intentional and unintentional.  It gathered a certain vibe or buzz or mojo – or maybe prana or chi or ki, if you want to look at it that way.  It’s the kind of thing that you can’t make happen but you can’t stop it from happening either.

The overall installation idea developed and grew too.  I purchased 30 yards of black fabric and 2500 pieces of 1″ mirror.  I was given 30 inflatable plastic bladders.  I realized that I needed some sound to make it complete.  Somewhere in there, Richard Serra and his big drawings were left behind.  The process of listening to my materials became the subject of the installation.  It is what happens when you stand in the center and see all around.

—Robyn Love

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