to be looked at and read

work by: Caroline Carlsmith, Wah-Ming Chang, Cathy C. Cook, Carrie Cooperider, Charles Fetherolf, Stefanie Koseff, José Antonio Suárez Londoño

curated by Carrie Cooperider

May 2—May 31, 2015

Opening reception Saturday May 9 from 6-8

The seven artists in to be looked at and read demonstrate ways in which text and image can work with one another in tandem, in counterpoint, or in contradiction. Sometimes language is illegible, and pictures may be read, and these two modes of expression have been known to engage in a bit of functional cross-dressing, as well—as when, for example, Arabic calligraphy poses as decoration, or when graphic novels wordlessly model narrative form.

The uneasy alliance of pictures and words has been expressed in multiple media in myriad ways throughout history, by quotidian and exalted means, and in more ways than one small exhibition can possibly demonstrate. The range of this working partnership can be hinted at, however, and to be looked at and read includes examples of the call-and-response carried out between text and image in work that utilizes film, comics, printmaking, photography, sculpture, and optical toys.